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Published: 29th October 2012
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Do you ever question if there may be a career path out there that would liberate you from the aggravation and headache of the job you have right now? Like a lot of employees, you can probably answer 'Yes' to this question.

You see, I used to get out of bed every morning and dread the thought of driving to work. My boss (at the time) was severely overbearing and seemed to be on a mission to make my whole life difficult.

Perhaps you have had a boss that you simply cannot seem to get along with? I thought so. I may have actually been prepared to continue in that position if it had not been for the basic fact that my colleagues would frequently pawn off their work on me or the fact that almost all the customers I handled had enormous egos.

You have surely experienced the very same scenario. Things had grown so awful at work that my mental and physical well-being started to diminish.

I knew I had to make a transition.

One day I was at my eye doctor's office for an appointment. The eye exam was really no different than any of the others I had in the past, but this trip was different just because I had the chance to talk with the optician about her job.

It was not my aim to go off on a tangent with regard to her experience, but I just happened to be having a remarkably unpleasant day at the office and I needed to vent.

In any event, she smiled and told me facts about her profession and exactly how much she really liked the freedom that her superior provided her in addition to the upbeat attitudes that her buyers expressed when she helped them select their eye glasses.

I have to let you know, the glow in her face as she spoke about her career was like nothing I had experienced before.

Have you ever become so captivated with an idea that you just can't manage to avoid thinking about it? I'm certainly willing to bet that you have. I was so excited about what I had been taught that I immediately began looking into the optician career the moment I got home from work that evening.

Over the course of about 5 days, I devoted quite a few hours exploring the training qualifications in my state and looking for the documents that I would need in order to make this fantasy (of becoming an optician) become a reality.

Among the list of secrets which I figured out was this: only 23 states in America mandate licensing and, of those states, restrictions vary quite a lot.

Let me provide a tip, make sure that you take a look at your state's standards so that you will be ready if you decide you might want to make a career change.

I was also stunned to discover that dispensing opticians earn more income than I had been generating at my current job.

I decided then and there that I would quit my job and become a licensed optician.

Do you feel caught in a profession that is stressful and demeaning? Is your mental and physical well-being being affected by your work environment? Are you eager to find a way out? If you responded yes to any of these questions,

I recommend that you take a look at a career as an optician.

I made the leap and I have been 100% happy with that decision ever since. I now bring in more money while working hard in a work environment that I really enjoy.

I also take comfort in knowing that I am impacting people in a constructive way. I did have to complete a couple years of instruction and pass a couple of tests which were not easy, but I can tell you that the commitment has more than paid off. I am much happier and balanced at present than at any other time in my entire life.

Remember! You are intelligent enough to do well at everything you set your mind to.

p.s. - I have a solution that will help save a bundle of time searching for the requirements in your state.

The website further down has compiled all the details for you. When you visit the site, you will find quite a bit of information and facts that are related to opticians in addition to a directory of all 50 states.

You're able to click on any state to look at the specifics. If you happen to scroll to the bottom part of the website page, you will also find important info on state fees, links to forms, and state agency contact info. I Wish You All The Best!

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